Live Music in skatepark NOORD? Hell yeah! And where better to start this in our Bar. We invited two bands to come shred our eardrums and have a good time. In the meantime DJ Aziz will make sure the tunes stay on point! Make sure to bring your hearing protection as this will be loud!

Bands: Tenderchunks in Gravy & Traag
When: April 14 2018
Doors open: 20:00 hrs
Free entrance

Tenderchunks in Gravy
Smelling of sweat, cheap beer, lightly greasy hair products and “incense,” these young people crawl out of bed every afternoon to pump all kinds of dirty tunes from their dirty fingers into their mothers garage. So filthy, that the oil stains on the garage floor are a refreshing surprise.

Born from the grungy dark skies of the Pacific Northwest and the echoes of noise off the canals of Amsterdam. Traag is an assault of music raised on the garage, punk and grunge movements of the eighties and early nineties. Having recorded their first EP in Olympia Washington earlier this year, Traag is ready to fill your ears with wails of fuzz and fury.