Bar NOORD sessions 03

*@!&# Punk, Garage, R’N’R, Sexy, Wild, Weird, Catchy, Energetic, STOKED!, Skating, no neighbours = more fun, Jimmy, We hate radio Dj team, Dj mess & Vorky, *@##!!

When: 22 Sept 2018
Entrance: Noppus, nothing, nada, gratis
Line up: The Sueves, Nancy Acid
Starts: 21:00

We are really stoked about this one. We got The Sueves coming over! Strangulated vocals, nervous & bashing riffs, and soul-crushing bass lines all coalesce into perfectly absurd punk anthems.
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Two piece skateboarding local R’N’R’ heroes. There back, and we are glad they are! They’ll feel right at home in the park.

Check it out: