NOORD sess -X- We hate radio 12/6/19


@!&# Punk, Post-punk, Relax, you don’t matter *@##!!

Live: Constant Mongrel (Australia) + SONNDR
DJ: We hate radio Dj’s

Constant Mongrel
(La Vida Es Un Mus records)
Three looong years since their previous release, Constant Mongrel returned with their 2018 hit LP ‘Living In Excellence’. With their tough, unhinged brand of post-punk the band will perform songs of certain romance, the monotonousness of self-loathing, atrocities of western religion and an abundance of a fresh modern fascism. But behind every idea the tongue always remains firmly in cheek as the bands humor seeps through like a leaky water balloon.

I’ve personally never seen this band live before. But I keep on hearing some really positive stories so I’m looking forward to seeing them play.

Entre: € 6,-
Starts: 20:30 – 01:30

Aambeeldstraat 12
1021KB Amsterdam
Near skate cafe
10 min walk from Noorderpark subway station