NOORD sess: lifeless past, Lange Niezel, The EarWurms 26/07/19

NOORD sess -X- We hate radio

@!&# New-wave, Locals, Punk, Riot grrrl *@##!!

Live: lifeless past, Lange Niezel, The EarWurms
Dj: DJ Délage

lifeless past
Lifeless Past is a band from The Netherlands that plays New-Wave and Postpunk music inspired by the 80’s postpunk and deathrock movement.
The band consists of two ambitious musicians that flirts with new wave, punk rock and traditional gothic rock. Their music conveys a credible breeze from the past, with lyrics reflecting social affaires, personal experiences, romance and mental struggles. Their live performances are characterized by their redemptive lush guitar melodies, dark haunting bass layerd over groovie and catchy drums.

Lange Niezel
Great mix of everything. It’s hard to describe them easily but let’s just say there is almost nothing their songs don’t cover. From sentimental build-ups to energetic outbursts and from Sweden vocals to poetry. They’re not afraid to kick in some doors and break some barriers. Always a pleasure to see them play, now go check them out your self.

The EarWurms
New all female girls punk band.

The earwurms, hallo wij spelen de conceptuele punk muziek (van amsterdam) kom gezellig je oren gebruiken en dan wurmen wij ons de avond in! We hebben inez op de drums, carmen op de gitaar en paloma op de bas. Liederen met een vleugje past tot postpunk, riott girl, rock (& roll), humor en new wave (allemaal conceptueel dus). Wurm je met ons?

Entre: 6,-
Starts: 20:30 – 01:30

Aambeeldstraat 38
1021KB Amsterdam
Near skate cafe
10 min walk from Noorderpark subway station



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