We hate the punk #2: TV Crime + Jonestown Aloha 06/10/19

NOORD sess -X- We hate radio

Live: TV Crime + Jonestown Aloha
Dj: We hate radio

TV Crime
TV CRIME gets the denim corner. With our fave UK album of here and now, a passionate fest of garage punk, power pop and pub rock. The gained cult is justified, or are HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS write REAL KIDS songs yet? TV CRIME can do the trick. It´s THIN LIZZY on STIFF sound cartel, capital letters GOOD TIMES and they kick with leather boots and smash pints with a smile. If SHEER MAG would be wurstels, then TV CRIME are battered sausages. Underdog football stadium anthems, where only the loved ones, rowdy dogs and dinosaurs are watching and the hooks urge you to joyful singalong. ~ aliensnatch.com


Jonestown Aloha
Jonestown Have been hammering out a path through the Dutch punk rock scene for a few years now, and you can hear every drop of sweat that was put into these recordings. ~ breakfreerecords


Entre: 6,-
Starts: 20:30 – 01:30

Aambeeldstraat 38
1021KB Amsterdam
Near skate cafe
10 min walk from Noorderpark subway station