No Hate, Just Skate! – Pride Night 16/11/19

The 16th of November Skatepark NOORD & De Trut are collaborating to drop a party that will make you…
Goofy or Regular, extravagant or casual, bump or grind, glitterbutch or twink, Madonna or Crossbone, king or queen, sketch or clean.. Who cares, lets rip!

Ever since famous skaters such as Brian Anderson & Forest Kirby came out, homophobia has become more and more a topic in the skate scene. Time to bring everyone together to skate, dance, party, talk, chill and watch some sick tricks and shows!

BenG Pride t-shirt launch
Launch FOEF Issue 01
Skateism Pride issue launch
Skate clinics (€ 5,- p.p. excl party)
DJ’s & shows from de Trut
Special skate obstacle

Entrance: (€ 5,- p.p.)

Part of the profit goes to the Trutfund

Meneer van Lennep
Hnk & Rzs
Lola Edo
Dykes on Decks
Secreet Seleen