NOORD sess: TH da Freak / Hoorsees (FR) 17/02/20


Live: TH da Freak / Hoorsees

TH da Freak (Bordeaux – Indie Rock)
Th Da Freak is the project of Thoineau Palis, a 26 years old musician from Bordeaux. Obssessed with the Indie Rock legends of the 90’s, from Pavement to Sonic Youth, Sebadoh or Superchunk, an era he himself didn’t witness, he meticulously crafted a unique sound, incorporating elements of dream pop, contemporary garage or grunge to the US slacker rock sound he loves so dearly. In less than two years, Palis released 2 albums, 2 EPs and a double album of B-sides, which quickly established him as one of the most exciting and promissing indie acts to come out of France in the last few years. His already critically acclaimed third album ‘Freakenstein’ is a carefully maturated collection of ten tracks written over the past three years, recorded and mixed for the very first time by the band that has accompanied Palis since the beginning.

HOORSEES (Paris – Sad Pop)
After a handful of songs noticed for their deliciously depressing songwriting, Hoorsees finally released their first EP with much less lo-fi aesthetics than their previous work. «Major League of Pain»’s themes are those of an adulthood fallen between two stools : a bad Playstation 1 game and a good song by Pavement. On the schedule of these delightful songs as melancholic as a breakup occurring only two weeks after the start of 11th grade literature class : irresistible pop melodies, a teenage sincerity that may remind of Alex G or Current Joys, as well as a one of a kind emotion and honesty of which only the four Parisians have the secret.
The ep was released via in silico b & ff and creme brulée records on October 18th.

Entre: €6
20:30 – 00:30

10 min walk from Noorderpark subway station and easy & free parking after 19:00.
Hint for directions, check out this thing on the internet that’s called google maps it’s mind blowing 😉