For the the third WTS challenge we call all girls/queers to submit your design! Design your own obstacle and we build the winning obstacle for you to skate. We will host a session on the new obstacle on the New Wave Skate event in Skatepark Noord (date will be announced asap). New Wave Skate provides a safe space for girl – & queer-skaters. These sessions are Girl & Queer Only.

Download Template here  

Print it and make your dream spot come true. It doesn’t matter how you design it; drawing, building, painting. ANYTHING GOES, GO CRAZY! Mail your design to info@gonoord.com before February 15th.

The winning design of our second design-challenge has been built! Menno Lagerburg is the winner and did a test on it with some friends: Bart Buikman, Diego Broest, Jairo Bierling, Jason Lijnzaat & Melle Stolk. Edit again by the one and only Mouskovich.

The winning design of our first design-challenge has been built! Unfortunately the winner could not join the session himself, so Aaron Tiekink & Tjerk Oosting were kind enough to come over and shred in his behalf. Edit by the one and only Mouskovich.